January 28, 2011

Building The Blog- Writing With Reckless Abandon

It has been almost a month since TheJackB set sail and we have enjoyed more than a few adventures together. Not unlike most new relationships we have had a few missteps that have been caused by poor communication or simple misunderstanding. We don't always recognize the signs that the other is giving off, but I have no fear for the long term because we're working on it.

Every day we take a few minutes to share our thoughts and ideas about where things are at and where we hope they will go. As we grow more comfortable together I have introduced some new toys and tools that I think will help this relationship grow. Slowly I have begun to really let loose and the words are beginning to flow as if the tap has torn wide open.

It feels good to write this way and I am confident that it is going to lead me to where it is I want to go. There have been moments where I have felt like TheJackB was hesitant but I have insisted that submission doesn't mean that there is a lack of equality at all. It is really a natural progression for us and as acceptance grows I feel our combined strength filling us with power and confidence.

In the coming weeks I hope to see us hit our stride and anticipate that it will yield significant benefits. It is not always easy for me to be patient. I have thoughts, ideas and feelings that cry out for attention. It sounds a little bit silly to describe as being so childlike, but the reality is what it is.

Regardless I am eagerly awaiting the future because from where I stand it looks quite bright.

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