January 12, 2011

Building The Blog- Branding and Traffic Edition Part II

Patience isn't something that comes easily to me. The new blog has been live for all of two weeks or so and I can't help but notice the large discrepancy between traffic here and there. One could argue that this is due in part to my still posting here but that really doesn't provide a complete picture.

Quite a bit of the traffic that winds up here comes from the enormous number of links that have been generated through years of blogging. It is going to take some time for TheJackB to start to compare to this place and really that is ok. Because blogging isn't always that different from life, the moral of the tortoise and the hare is easily applicable here. Slow and steady wins the race.

That doesn't mean that there are times that I won't notice the distinction or be frustrated by it. But as I tell my children nothing good comes easily. Ok that is not entirely true, but there is a certain sense of satisfaction that is generated by building something from scratch.

It reminds me of Beta Dad's post about building trikes for his daughters. I think that what he did is awesome and it is the kind of gift that every father would like to be able to give to their children. I know my way around tools and can do quite a bit with my hands- but what he did is beyond the scope of what I can do easily.

Blogging is different. I have the skills and ability to build something special here, or should I say on the new blog and that is worth working on. So allow me to continue to beat the dead horse and encourage you to go visit my new cyber home and if you are so inclined join my Facebook fan page.

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