December 28, 2010

Building The Blog- Wordpress Edition

Listen closely and you can hear the silent scream of a man who stands alone and apart. Last night I took the gloves off and stopped pulling my punches. I have had enough of wrestling with technology that fails to recognize me as master. The time for being nice is over and now I will force my adversary to submit. I will make Rome's war against Carthage look like a birthday party...blah, blah, blah.

Ok, now that I have overdosed on testosterone I can relax...albeit briefly. Unless you were kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roberts or trapped beneath a heavy rock you know that I am in the process of setting up a new blog. Unlike this one I intend to spend a little time planning for the move.

It makes me laugh a little bit at how seriously I am taking this. Part of me says to just relax because it is just a blog. While that is true, I have decided that I want to pursue writing as more than a part time hobby. Writing is something that is easy and natural for me. There are a million tales to be told and stories waiting to be shared. The new site is going to help make my writing into something more than it is.

So the plan is to take the new joint and make it into a force to be reckoned with. It is time to push hard and secure eyeballs. Yes, I want to build an army of readers, minions who will go forth and spread the word. The goal is take the existing community here and take it with me. You who are reading these words are part of the vanguard, the early adopters who can say that you knew me when.

I can't promise any fame or fortune for you. There are no tangible benefits to being a part of the club. You can't gain access to private clubs by saying that you know me. The paparazzi won't follow you nor will restaurants provide you with free meals. I can't promise 8x10 glossies, autographs or even free t-shirts. In fact you'll probably have to pay for all of these things, but that is ok.

If all goes well then I'll become exceptionally successful, so much so that I'll probably become quite dreadful in person. At least for a while, because a soon to be middle aged man has to enjoy his blog groupies. He has to get caught up in the craziness for a while and push the limits. Eventually I'll stop because that one person, the only one who can still get through to me will say that I have become unbearable, insufferable and intolerable.

Sadly, I'll nod my head in agreement. That will be followed by a tearful appearance on a few talk shows and a staged, it-looks-sincere apology. All timed to happen just prior to the release of my new book and movie. And if it all goes according to plan/schedule I will have take a small blog and turned it into an empire.

Or maybe not. Maybe all the new place will be is somewhere a little bit brighter and sunnier than here. A simple spot where I will continue to tell my tales and share my thoughts to the few people who can relate. And you know what, that is ok with me too.

So bear with me for a bit longer. I am still working out the details. I have to decide what theme/template to use and whether I need a new name for it. If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions leave them in the contents or email them to me.

Got to run deal with my contractor- we're a running a bit behind schedule and I want to know why.

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