Music for The Morning

Courtesy of iTunes Shuffle. Links provided where possible:

The Crystal Ship- The Doors
Brand New Day- Sting
Superstition-Stevie Wonder
I Was Wrong-Social Distortion
Love Stinks- J. Geils
Glass Onion- The Beatles
Sunny-Bobby Hebb
Don't Try So Hard- Queen
Only The Good Die Young- Billy Joel
Near Wild Heaven- R.E.M.
99 To Life- Social Distortion
Dazzle- Sixousie and The Banshees
What's Your Name-Lynrd Skynrd
I Will Find You- Clannad
The Man Who Couldn't Cry- Johnny Cash
Wild Sex- Oingo Boingo
I Had a Dream- Ray Charles
Live and Let Die- Guns N' Roses
Baby, Now That I've Found You (Live)-Alison Krauss & Union Station
Sabotage--Beastie Boys
The Mystic's Dream- Lorena McKennit
High Time We Went- Joe Cocker
Heartland- U2

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