The Passion of Promises Kept

There is a man who lives on the opposite coast from me. A blogger who is feisty, passionate and honest. His family has weathered a few storms this year and from my perspective done so with more grace and class than many would. I can't help but smack him occasionally for choosing to root for the wrong teams. Really, his choices make me shake my head, but I respect his faith in them. I respect his passion and his willingess to support them.
In fact, I am serious when I say that he deserves season tickets from both franchies because the man will put his money where his mouth is. When he makes a bet he follows through on it.

So though I may mock his choices in teams and remind him that the devil loves those who root for Boston, I do respect him as a person. You're a good man Aaron who fortunately can write because like me you can't sing or dance. I am looking forward to watching the Lakers stomp on you guys again.

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Dear SQ

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