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More fun Than A Root Canal

If you have to ask what is more fun than a root canal and two crowns you clearly haven't had the pleasure of undergoing all three procedures in a single day. I am told that it would be wrong to compare water boarding to the joys of a four hour stint in the dentist's chair.

And in all fairness there is no doubt that it was my choice to be there. I was free to leave any time I wanted to but that provided limited solace and support. I still had lie back and listen to the sound of the drill and there was no doubt that the smoke I smelled was coming from the fire in my mouth.

There may not have been flames but it is not an exaggeration to mention the smoke nor to say that this time I was truly spitting blood.

So for two days now I have been sucking down Vicodin and Amoxicillin. For two days I have been shocked that my mouth feels like someone has been messing around inside there. Really, I shouldn't be surprised by any of this. The soft tissue isn't made to be stabbed, tied, poked and or prodded in this manner.

Needless to say I haven't been my normal cheerful self. Funny how not being able to chew on the left side of my mouth has made me a little bit edgy. But have no fear I am sure in the not so distant future you'll see the same old Jack you have grown to know and love- all sunshine and roses.