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Friday Morning Music

Here is a partial list of what we are listening to this morning:

Helter Skelter- The Beatles
I Can't Stop Loving You- Ray Charles
And So It Goes- Billy Joel
Why Should I Care- Diana Krall
Somewhere Down The Road- Barry Manilow
Girls, Girls, Girls- Motley Crue
Your Time Is Gonna Come- Led Zeppelin
Bright Side of The Road- Van Morrison
I Drove All Night- Roy Orbison
Fanfare For The Common Man- Copland
Life Without You- Stevie Ray Vaughn
Nobody- The Doobie Brothers
Stuck In The Middle With You- The Jeff Healey Band
The Battle of Evermore- Led Zeppelin
Going To California- Led Zeppelin
Superman- R.E.M.
Isn't Life Strange- The Moody Blues
Don't Pass Me By- The Beatles
Training Montage- Vince Di Cola (Rocky IV)
It Was A Very Good Year- Ray Charles/Willie Nelson
Running Down A Dream- Tom Petty
Cuyahoga- R.E.M.