Ways To Entertain Yourself in Class

Once upon a time I was a bit of a rabble rouser in class. Here are two very basic tricks that I used to engage in. They are juvenile, but fun.

Write this down on three pieces of paper and then leave the papers throughout the classroom:
Why is there a footprint on the ceiling?

Pass it on
That is guaranteed to cause all sorts of mischief as people pass the note around and try and locate the foot print.

One of the other things that you can do is for when your professor is late.

Walk to the front of the classroom and write on the chalkboard.

"I will be late today. Please write an in-class 500 word essay on chapter four. I will collect it at the end of class.

Or if you have a set of brass balls you can try a variation of the last one.
Announce that Professor Gobsmacked is going to be late and has asked you to lead a discussion.

Take out your textbook and start randomly calling on students. Ask the students you call upon to comment on a particular section or chapter and then tell them that they are wrong and that if they had attended the last study session they would know better.

Be prepared to run.

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