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Is It Plagiarism or Love

Someone has been digging/crawling through my archives for several weeks. When I look at my stats I routinely see something similar to the clip in this picture. Based upon some past experiences this sort of behavior sets of a red flag in my mind as my work has been plagiarized more than once. On two separate occasions I have "found" the blogs where my content has been 'repurposed' and had them shut down.

Now it is entirely possible that there is nothing to be concerned about and I am seeing nothing but the trail of a "fan." I sometimes stumble across blogs that I love and spend time going through the archives. Sometimes I do it because I find the content transfixes me and sometimes I do it because as a writer I appreciate the work of other writers. But I just have this nagging feeling about this one, something feels off to me. So dear reader if you are a real fan then please accept my thanks and know that I am appreciative of your time because you clearly have spent hours reading my work.

Also know that I am very aggressive in protecting my content and if I determine that less honorable actions are taking place I will respond accordingly. These words are a bit like my children and since you have read so much of my content you understand just how seriously I take protecting them.

On a side note I am available for guest posts and free lance writing gigs. If you have any questions please contact me at talktojacknow-at-gmail-dot-com.

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