7 Reasons Why You Will Read This Post

Ok, here are seven reasons why you will read this post:

  1. Lists are the best kind of linkbait. People can't help but read them. They are short and easy.
  2. Now that you read item one you might as well look at the next so onto number three.
  3. There might be a giveaway, ya know, free stuff and who doesn't like free stuff.
  4. Well, I don't like free stuff or should I say that I don't like administrative work so I rarely do giveaways.
  5. But if I did do one I'd like it to be cool.
  6. The sixth reason why you will read this is because, yes just because.
  7. Number seven is simple. You came this far, so you might as well go the distance.
And that my friends leads me in a new direction in which I tell you that if you want to last at this game- if you want to be the blogger that outlasts the other you need to do this because you love it. Or at bare minimum you need to do this because you like it.

Really, if you don't like it than there is no reason to keep it up. Surely you have other things to do with your time, more important things...don't you.

Of course I am a bad example as I post with ridiculous frequency so who am I to say anything about anything. Stay tuned to this bat channel- more stuff coming shortly.

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