Project Mom Casting

If you spend any time roaming through the mommy blogosphere you are aware that the moms are going a little bit crazy about the big mommy blogger conference, BlogHer10. At last count there were 1,987 posts offering advice and or instruction as to how to successfully navigate the coming conference.

There are also approximate 9,987 posts written today by moms who are upset that they haven't lost the baby weight, are concerned that their husbands will be unable to handle taking care of the kids and or can't decide if bringing 27 pairs of shoes is excessive for a three day conference. Somewhere Imelda Marcos is clapping her hands in glee.

And then there are the posts for Project Mom Casting.
"Julie & Julia" was the first blog made into a motion picture. It will not be the last. Do you think you have what it takes to go from online to on-air? A major award-winning production company is now casting for an exciting new series featuring online moms. This groundbreaking show will showcase the untapped world of social media, moms and bloggers and the incredible influence they wield in our society.

A small production team will be at BlogHer ’10 in New York City to discover and interview exciting online mom personalities. The producers are interested in connecting with a diverse sampling of media savvy moms who are working to build an online brand. Who will be the next sensation in the mom-blogosphere?"
Call me a cranky daddy blogger, but I just don't see this as being particularly interesting. Maybe I don't understand the concept. Maybe I am just not following and that is the issue but I have trouble understanding what is going to be exciting, novel and different about this.

Are the viewers going to watch these women blog and tweet? Will they get a click's eye view of the mom's interacting with brands and commenters while trying to change diapers, help with homework and or work. There has to be more to it than that, right. Because who is going to sit down and watch anyone do the point- and-click or cut-and-paste dances.

I am certain that there are some very interesting personalities out there. But what are they going to be doing- how are we going to be exposed to them. Again, maybe I am just obtuse, but I don't understand how we are going to see them engage in social media in a fashion that is remotely interesting.

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