A Big Life

It is one of the greatest things I have ever heard in my life. That wacky son of mine who I love dearly told me that he is going to live "a big life." He said it and then shared his ideas for the many businesses that he plans on creating and turning into incredibly successful ventures.

I told him that I thought that it was great that he had dreams and received a puzzled look from him. "abba, it is not a dream. I am going to live a big life because I am going to do all these things.

It made me beam with pride to hear him say this, to see the utter certainty upon his face and the confident manner with which he stood in front of me. So I reached out, hugged him tight and told him that my dream was for him and his sister to live their dreams.

I said that I wanted him to know the joy of success and the sweet satisfaction of watching the fruits of one's labor and effort. And then I blessed hm. It was kind of a spontaneous thing, but it felt right and I knew that it would make him feel good.

We can't say what will happen in the future, but I'll so what I can to help him find his way. Life is meant to be lived, not dreamt so if there is a way that I can help facilitate that I will.

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