Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience #12

2010 is the year of the daddy blogger and as such it is time again for the Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience. Here we are in week 12 of our ongoing journey throughout the daddy blogosphere. A collection of thoughts and ideas that are produced and reproduced by the male of the species.

While you are under no obligation to link, tweet or engage in any sort of promotion about the festival it is greatly appreciated when you do. And now on with the show.That's it for now. This shouldn't be considered a complete list of the many fine daddy bloggers, but it does provide a small glimpse into our world.

"...in one way or another all men are mad. Many are mad for money...Love is a madness...it can grow to a frenzy of despair ... All the whole list of desires, predilections, aversions, ambitions, passions, cares, griefs, regrets, remorses, are incipience madness, and ready to grow, spread and consume, when the occasion comes. There are no healthy minds, and nothing saves any man but accident--the accident of not having his malady put to the supreme test.
One of the commonest forms of madness is the desire to be noticed, the pleasure derived from being noticed. Perhaps it is not merely common, but universal."
- "The Memorable Assassination"  Mark Twain

Almighty Dad: Sometimes Your Kid Just Wants a Hug: Give it to Him
Random Thoughts:If You Died, Who Would Take Care Of Your Children
Clark Kent's Lunchbox: My Urologist Is The Smoke Monster
Dad Revolution:Tips for summer outings with a baby or toddler
Howefitz Blog:An Idiot’s Guide To Australia (Plus, A Sweet as Sugar Milk Contest)
A Dad's Heart:"The Evolution of Dad" -- A Review
Undaddy: No one is available to take your call
Daddy Files: My Son, The Devil 
Random Thoughts: The Rules of Blogging- How To Make Money Part 1
NY Dad: Spring Cleaning
And Triplets Make Six: 15-Lovie
Dadwagon: A Week on the Wagon: Sherlock Holmes Edition 
Cute Monster: Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversar...
Rebel Dad: Odds and Ends (and Turnabout)
Dad-o-Matic: Cast of Dads #19: U CAN Touch This
Luke, I am Your Father: Working the Heavy Bag
Wrath66: When BBG! Says, "Jump!"
Ed@Home Dad: Saturday Storytime 3 (The Frog Princess
DC Urban Dad:I suck
Real Men Drive Minivans:Orange we glad scurvy’s not an issue
Mocha Dad: Art Imitates Life
Busy Dad:Oh Baby Girl!
Techydad: Aloha Friday: Cooking with Kids
SAHD in Lansing:Fatherhood Friday: World Cup Fantasy Tournament for Charity
SAHDPDX: Throw Back: Fake it until you make it
The Father Life:[LUDWIG@HOME] A Guy’s Guide to Breastfeeding
Musings From the Big Pink: Death Of A Vacation
Us and Them: Don't Stick Your Finger In There!
Why is Daddy Crying:Heroes
Diary Of A new Dad: Week Twenty: Over the hill
Busy D-E: The Church Heckler: Strangers With Toys
Being Michael's Daddy:Quest For Food
Dear Mr. Man: One Word Wednesday
Smonk You:You were wrong Mr. Smith...boys do cry
The Daddy Yo Blog:Letter to Caleb: Happy Birthday Son!

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