April 23, 2010

Jack's Video Debut- My First Vlog

Back in the day I was among the first to engage in audio blogging. It was cutting edge and cool...at least until video came along. For a long time I have played around with the idea of Vlogging, but have always been too shy.

Today I decided that enough is enough. So here is my very first attempt at Vlogging. It has a few issues and I am not sure if I am going to keep this post or not, but then again, maybe I will.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You should vlog more often. You look so young, lol!

Kelly said...

Is it wrong to want to cuddle something so ... flesh eating?

Chris (@tessasdad) said...

Dude, you need some sleep. Have some serious dark circles around your eye :P

Very cool man :)

Jack said...

Blogging Mama,

Thanks. Bamboo shoots do wonders for my health.


Not as long as you keep a safe distance. ;)


Kids, I can't help but lose sleep worrying about them. ;)

RJW said...

I thought you lost your mind initially. Very creative.

Jack said...


You of all people can confirm that I have lost my mind. Although you did sit through every meal which indicates that you are just as crazy as I am. ;)