Festival Of The Fathers- A Blog Experience Part 5

2010 is the year of the daddy blogger and as such it is time again for the Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience. This is the 5th edition of our weekly series. A collection of posts from the unsung heroes of the parenting gang. Take a moment to read the posts the men have written and let them know that they are appreciated.

Clark Kent's Lunchbox:The Big Day! It's Official
Sex and The Single Dad:The Yankee Fan
Dadwagon:A Week on the Wagon: Giving Thanks 
Accidents will Happen: Photo Friday: Those Tasty Theorists
Random Thoughts: The Angry Father
PapaRocks6:Friendship Dilemma
PDX Dad:A sick father’s best friend
Tessa's Dad:Hey, I’m not “just” a SAHD dad
And Triplets Make Six:The Man of Steel Has Irons in the Fire
Luke, I Am Your Father:Unprepared for the Big One
Busy Dad:It's not whether you win or lose...
DC Urban Dad:If only I had thought of this.....
Real Men Drive Minivans:The monster at the end of this post
Life of a New Dad:The Seven Dwarfs Open a bar
Us And Them:Tastes Like Chicken
Blogger Dad:Coming Out
Poop and Boogies:Magic
The Daddy Files:Will 2.0

A Dad's Point of View: Do We Have Anything in Common?
DaDa Rocks:The evolution of the of TV family sitcom
Mr. Man: Fatherhood Friday: The Shot
Almighty Dad:The Prom: I Don’t think I Missed Much
Ed@Home Dad:So your kinda of like a Mom?
Why Is Daddy Crying:Evolution of a Peaceful Poop
Buck Daddy:Because I Said So – Dad Edition – Blogger Debates Part 1
Terrified Dad: Extended Warranty? Yes Please!
New York Dad:The Newly Weds…
Mocha Dad: The Godfather
Dad's House:Kids in the Kitchen – WTF?
Juggling Eric:Mighty Math Powers
The Father Life: Fatherhood Can Be Hairy

That's it for now. This shouldn't be considered a complete list of the many fine daddy bloggers, but it does provide a small glimpse into our world.

If you like what you see here then please consider becoming a fan of the blog. Have additional questions/comments? Send me an email at talktojacknow-at-gmail-dot-com.

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Ben said...

Awesome list, some of the best dad bloggers I know on there.

I'd love to be included on the list if possible please!


Ben said...

Whoops...hit enter too early!

Keith Wilcox said...

Thanks for the inclusion :-) You certainly picked some good ones.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Ben/Keith,

Yep, there are some fine men on there.

Mr. Man said...

Jack-Thanks for including me in this esteemed group of dad bloggers. It is indeed an honor.

Jack Steiner said...

Mr. Man,

It is my pleasure.

Ben Martin, TheFatherLife.com said...

Thanks for the link!

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