Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience #7

2010 is the year of the daddy blogger and as such it is time again for the Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience. This is the 7th edition of our weekly series. A collection of posts from the unsung heroes of the parenting gang. Take a moment to read the posts the men have written and let them know that they are appreciated.

A side note/comment. I have seen a number of posts that that incorrectly and inaccurately assert that dad blogs are new. Dad blogs have been a part of the blogosphere since the beginning. We may not have made as big a noise as the moms, but we have always been here.

More on this in a separate post. On to the festival.

Jack:A Letter To My Children- 2010
Dad Gone Mad:My Favorite Vitamin
Dadwagon:A Week on the Wagon: When Dads attack! 
Wrath66:Baby Talk (And Baby Read And Write?)
Rebeldad:PR, Daddyblogging and the Long Road to Equity
Tessa's Dad:#FatherhoodFriday – Follow Friday shout outs
TechyDad:Aloha Friday: Tracing Your Family’s History
Dad Is In The House:Friday Field Trip: IKEA
Mr. Storage's Closet:6 months old!
The Lame Sauce:Guess I should name this…or something…
Clark Kent's Lunchbox:The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Real Men Drive Minivans:Happy second birthday little man
The Devoted Dad:Daddy’s Kids
SAHD PDX: He says cute things, I do not
The Fall of James: That Which Doesn't Kill Us
A Blogger And A Father: 43. Shawn
Jack:Dad's Not Old- Cultural Reference Points
NY Dad: Tower of Babble…

Us And Them:A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far From Kosher
BuckDaddy: Tip My Hat Tuesday – Andrew Bennett aka @BenSpark
The Father Life: Taking Risks: When, How, and If
Always Home and Uncool:Mocking The Lame (PR Pitches I Receive)
And Triplets Make Six: Who’s Your Daddy (Blogger)?
Dadvocate Project:Launch Day- Welcome to the DADvocate Project
Makes Me Want To Holler:Bye, Bye Backfat...Hello, Boxing Gloves! Part V: The Week Off
Suburban Daddy:A New One For Me

That's it for now. This shouldn't be considered a complete list of the many fine daddy bloggers, but it does provide a small glimpse into our world.

If you like what you see here then please consider becoming a fan of the blog. Have additional questions/comments? Send me an email at talktojacknow-at-gmail-dot-com.

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Ben said...

Great list, I had no idea there were so many dad bloggers! Can I get on that list please?

Daddy Files said...

Jack: There's no doubt some dad bloggers have been around since the beginning. But you have to admit, tons more moms have been doing it longer compared to dads. I think that's all people like me were trying to say.

But once again, thanks for the links. This is great.

Jack Steiner said...


Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it.


I have been blogging for six years. When I started no one referred to themselves as a mom or dad blogger. We were just bloggers who wrote about our lives.

Without hard numbers it is hard to say how many there were. One could argue that in the earlier days of blogging that there were more men doing it and consequently more fathers.

Some bloggers spend more time talking about politics/movies/sports than family stuff. I suppose that we could get caught up in craziness about what constitutes a mom/dad blogger.

If you run a blog that is 98% review and 2% posts about life does that make you a mom/dad blogger? I don't think so, but that is just me.

I am also the guy that says that if you need a badge that says "Blog with Integrity" you don't. I hate those things.

Anyway, I'll save the rest for a post. Trust me, as long as I have been blogging there have been a lot of fathers doing so.

Dad is in the House said...

Thanks for the mention. Next week's field trip is the Container Store, but folks can drop by before then :)

Jack Steiner said...

Dadisinthehouse- the container store is a always a good trip. Never hurts to stay organized. ;)

Chris / Wrath66 said...

Thanks for including me! I really appreciate it. But there are only two 6's after the Wrath. I.E.: Wrath66.com It's my birth year – not the number of the beast. ;)

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Chris,

Are you sure that you don't have horns, a tail and carry a pitchfork. ;) Fixed.

Captain Dumbass said...

Hey, thanks for the inclusion. That's a good list of bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me in the list. :) I love coming to one place and just going to the list to read some awesome posts.

Jack Steiner said...


Keep up the good work. Love to have you along.

Mr. Storage,

It is my pleasure.

Russ said...

Oh my garsh! This is the list I've been looking for! Fantastic! Thank you kindly! Now I just need to find 5 hours of reading time! I better quit thinking about it and just dive right in. Here I go.....

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Russ,

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the posts, there are a lot of cool fathers out there.

BloggerFather said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!

Chris | @Wrath66 said...

Thanx for fixing the name. It's an easy mistake. Especially since I do look remarkably like this: http://bit.ly/cRxMHu (which BTW is hanging in our kitchen.)

Jack Steiner said...


My pleasure.


Nice photo. I like it. :)

Kevin P Metzger said...

Thanks for including TheDADvocate Projct in your lsit. Truly appreciated.

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