February 17, 2010

When your Favorite Blog Suddenly Goes Bad

(originally posted here)

If you blog for any length of time you witness the rise and fall of many blogs. Some of them are good, some are fair, some are horrible and some are just amazing.

Many bloggers have written about blog crushes. They have spent time elucidating and illustrating what it is that makes them smile. They may have even gone into intricate detail about the blogs they love, it is part of a blog crush. Sometimes you cannot put your finger on why you enjoy it, you just know that you do.

Here is what you don't see much of, the discussion of what happens when your blog crush fades into the twilight. There are a number of reasons why this could happen. Sometimes it is just because they stop blogging. It doesn't matter why they stopped, the writing just ends and there you go.

Sometimes your blog crush fades because you come to grow tired of the gimmick and or style of their writing.

But in my book the saddest end of the blog crush is when they write something that is so shocking and offensive that you cannot continue to read them anymore. I guess that you could see it in similar terms to a breakup or divorce. And so your crush comes to a bittersweet end.


feefifoto said...

I feel shocked and betrayed when this happens, usually attributable to some extreme and unexpected political statement. I have to read and reread and usually feel horrible when I delete a blog, but I can't get over extreme and judgmental statements that contradict my beliefs. makes me sad, but in the long run I'm happier with my selection of blogs to read.

Jack said...

I always remember the first time it happened to me. I hadn't been blogging for very long when I read something that was both racist and antisemitic. I was very surprised and disappointed.

But I wasn't about to change their opinion so I just dropped them.