February 19, 2010

America's Most Miserable Cities

I wasn't going to do this. Really, I wasn't going to share the list. Didn't want to incite a riot among the readers. Too tired to be chased by Angry Texans and the assorted wing nuts that come out of the woodwork when I post these things.

But, we'll go ahead and do it and see if the list changes from year to year.

America's Most Miserable Cities
Cleveland, Ohio
Stockton, CA
Memphis, TN
Detroit, MI
Flint, MI
Miami, FL
St. Louis, MO
Buffalo, NY
Canton, OH
Chicago, IL

New York, Akron, Philadelphia and Toledo are a few of the other cities that made the list. Truthfully, I thought that they'd include L.A. but the City of Angels was spared. General theme here- jobs, or should I say no jobs.

Unemployment wreaks havoc on a city.

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