February 01, 2010

28 Places to See Before You Die

Damn, who left cleveland off of this list. Been to a few places, but I'd love to see them all. What do you think?


Otter Thomas said...

Sadly I have never seen any of those despite the fact that I have been to about 10 different countries.

The aurora borealis is not a place. That bothers me.

Jack said...

You are correct, the Aurora Borealis is not a place. But they are very cool- I saw them once.

I have a whole list of places that I hope to see one day. I like seeing the world.

Abe Bird said...

Its amazing that Christians don't even think about Jerusalem and the holy places in the holy land as even one option !!!!

Jack said...

Hi Abe,

I know quite a few who have visited Israel.