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When Bloggers Eat

Call it When Bloggers Eat, not quite a sequel to When Bloggers Meet. The Misanthrope and I joined forces again and enjoyed a very pleasant meal together. I have intentionally been very circumspect about who I was willing to meet in real life.

My blog is the scene of the crime. It is the place where I have laid bare my soul, created crazy tales of a tortured soul and engaged in all sorts of nonsense. This place, this little corner of cyberspace is a contradiction. It is a refuge and an asylum. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Blog relationships follow a different speed than real life. Readers gain access to the skeletons in the closet far faster than they would in real life. Sometimes they learn about painful and or embarrassing experiences that you might not share.

The Misanthrope is one of the original readers. He has been suffering through these posts since Dubya's first term way back in 2004. Clearly he is a social worker and or as disturbed as I am, why else would he hang out here. ;)

We had a great time. He is easy to talk to. We cover the normal realm of conversation and can slip into a comfortable discussion about blogging and Twitter. The funny look that sometimes accompanies the revelation that I am a blogger and the questions that follow don't exist here.

Anyway, I enjoyed our time together and it gave me all sorts of ideas for some new posts. The big question is whether I will actually get to them. Well, we shall see. And with that I'll end this and mull over how to convert those ideas into real posts.


RJW said…
When bloggers eat? For me it should be do bloggers ever stop eating. It was a pleasure and a delight to chat in person. RJW, formerly known as The Misanthrope
Jack Steiner said…
Wow, that was fast. I clicked publish and here you are.

Forgot to ask how you wanted me to refer to you. Anyhoo, it was indeed a pleasure, RJW. :)
bernthis said…
I love being with my bloggy friends. It is so much more comfortable.
Jack Steiner said…
There is certainly something special and different about being with the blogosphere folks.
Anonymous said…
I think there's this special connection one will have with their blogger friends. As you said it that readers gain access to the skeletons in the closet far faster than they would in real life just hits the bullseye.
Jack Steiner said…
Hi Charles,

There definitely is a special connection. It is kind of odd in a good way. Those relationships can develop so very quickly.
RJW said…
It's the power of writing. I don't think I am nearly as forthcoming in my writing as Jack. I admire that he can write from the heart. I have a much more difficult time with that.

I also think that if we had met via work or recreation we might have been friends and fierce competitors in something non-physical. Jack is a tank and I would have had no interest in crushed or broken body parts.
Jack Steiner said…
Jack is a tank and I would have had no interest in crushed or broken body parts.

Nah, more like the stay puft marshmallow man. And I think that you put more of yourself into your posts than you realize. You do it well.
Richmond said…
I have thoroughly enjoyed my blog met friends - it's a direct manifestation of a "meeting of the minds." :)
Jack Steiner said…
Hey Richmond,

I like that meeting of the minds analogy- it really makes sense.