January 06, 2010

Things of Note

A collection of links that caught my eye today:

Pakistan: Taliban brainwashes kids with visions of virgins
- Sadly there are no surprises here.
Finding the G-spot: Is it real?- Interesting article. Reminds me of the secret meetings we had back in my youth about girls.
Charter Richard Branson's yacht- It is 105-foot catamaran, named Necker Belle. There is a picture but no specs. Of course if I had the $88,000 a week it costs to rent it I'd have no problem calling and asking for them.
10 of the year's coolest gadgets- I love gadgets. So disappointed not to be at C.E.S.


The Absence of Alternatives said...

AH. Not Gadget Porn! LOL. You may love this:



Jack said...

Gadget porn is always fun. Let me see what you have got.