December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods And The Chewbacca Defense

Accenture announced today that they are dropping Tiger Woods as a sponsor. They are just one of many who are trying to decide what to do about Tiger's personal problems and their impact upon their respective brands.

I am not going to spend time listing all of the mistresses, detailing the accounts of their activities with Tiger or writing about how much money he is going to lose from all this. He is a grown up. He made the decision to do this and he is going to have to live with it.

And frankly I am not worried about Tiger ending up on the street. Unless some kind of bombshell is released he is not going to be incarcerated for his zipper issues. He is still the best golfer in the world and capable of earning millions of dollars from playing.

Not to mention that America has a short memory. I expect that within a few years he will have new endorsements. He probably won't come close to making the same cash he was from them, but big deal. He'll have to fly a smaller private jet.

What is interesting and sad about this is that there seems to be strong evidence that suggests that his wife physically assaulted him and yet we are hearing next to nothing about it. But what bothers me more than the lack of news about that are the comments that I have read in various places that suggest that he deserved to be beaten.

I am operating on three hours sleep so maybe I am missing something, but I don't think so. Let me clarify something.

I am not defending Tiger's actions. He chose to do this so he has to live with the consequences. However I am willing to say that violence is unacceptable. There is no reason for it. It is just wrong. Yet I have seen all these comments in which people defend its use which in this case makes about as much sense as The Chewbacca Defense.

Chewbacca Defense - Watch more funny videos here


Heather Kephart said...

Why would a Wookie want to live with a bunch of Eewoks? That does not make sense! Too funny.

I agree that Tiger doesn't deserve to be beaten. I do hope this is a wake-up call for him that brings him down to Earth so he can appreciate and enjoy the simple and true. Not holding my breath, though. Too many men in power get a God complex and feel they shouldn't deny themselves anything. That's not a path to happiness. And I know. I'm way too self-indulgent. I'm happy in spite of that, not because of it.

Jack said...

The Chewbacca Defense is far too much fun. I always look for opportunities to bring it into play.

On a serious note it just bothers me to see/hear so many people say that it is ok for him to be assaulted.

If the situation were reversed it wouldn't play out like that.

I suppose that this is more proof that money doesn't bring happiness.