December 14, 2009

Math is Useful after All- The Formula for Perfect Parking

Here is another story that caught my eye. A math professor believes that this formula is going to help teach people how to properly park their cars.

Normally I don't make fun of academics, but professor this isn't going to help. It is not solely an issue of understanding how to park the car, but of courtesy. Many people could do a superior job of parking the car if they cared to take the time to do so.

If people don't bother returning shopping carts to the store or at least remove them from the middle of the parking lot this is virtually useless. Ok, not useless, but until I am on Jeopardy again or in the midst of Trivial Pursuit...

"The equation is the result of a collaboration between Vauxhall Motors and maths professor Simon Blackburn.

Prof Blackburn, from the University of London's Royal Holloway College, came up with the formula to make even the trickiest reverse parallel parking situations a breeze.

However, to the average motorist, its array of square roots, brackets and symbols is likely to lead to more confusion than the driving task at hand."


gypsy woman said...

In defence of all the women that are forever being dragged over the coals for not being able to park. I can do a perfect reverse parallel park with inches to spare on either end. DO NOT GIVE UP TRYING. Regardless of the profanities that male drivers throw at you. It is possible, and I still see no need for math, cept when trying to calculate a discount at a sale in a shoe store.

Jack said...

Practice makes perfect.