Be A Better Blogger- My Favorite Piece of Advice

Have I mentioned that you need to prepare for 2010- The Year of Jack? Just in case I haven't let repeat myself and tell you that in a few weeks you can celebrate 2010- The Year of Jack. That isn't authentic frontier gibberish but it is authentic.

And that my friends is my favorite piece of advice for bloggers, be authentic. Write in your own voice and tell stories the way that you would normally tell them. Blogging is a different sort of animal. It doesn't have the same sort of rules and restrictions that we we were taught in school. Be yourself and write as you would speak and you will find that people are attracted to you because you are real, you are authentic.

Take a chance and share a piece of yourself with your readers. Step out from behind the curtain and tell an embarrassing story or two. Share your favorite recipe, talk about what you love, what you hate, what makes you laugh and what makes you cry.

Reveal and release.

It is not always easy to do. But it feels good.

Authenticity is part of what creates great content. Authenticity is part of what helps you bond with your readers and that my friends is important. Blogging is about building relationships and interacting with others. Blogging is about telling stories, receiving feedback and then responding to that feedback.

Tell your tales. Share your stories. Reveal and Release. It sounds goofy, like some kind of screwy new age mantra, but it works.

Try it.


Otter Thomas said...

Anyone who references Blazing Saddles gets a comment from me. Nice work! I will remember reveal and release as well. It sounds like a fishing technique to me.

Jack Steiner said...

Blogging isn't so different from fishing. You cast out a line and hope that someone bites on it.

With any luck they keep coming back for more.

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