December 15, 2009

Are men smarter than women? Gender Issues

Are men smarter than women? This Newsweek article covers the topic.
"Are men smarter than women? No. But they sure think they are. An analysis of some 30 studies by British researcher Adrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London, shows that men and women are fairly equal overall in terms of IQ. But women, it seems, underestimate their own candlepower (and that of women in general), while men overestimate theirs. Furnham talks to NEWSWEEK's Joan Raymond about his findings and why perceived IQ matters."
Interesting article. I should mention that it is not a new article. As the father of a son and daughter I am always interested in reading about things that might impact the kids. I think that the primary message here, at least from my perspective is a reminder that support is important.

I don't mean for that to sound specious or condescending. The dark haired beauty is really sharp. I don't want her to devalue her self or her ability to do things any more than I want her brother to.


shavuatov said...

As the eldest daughter and sibling to a younger sister and brother, I do believe that the under/over-estimation of abilities is spot on. My brother is way more self-confident than my sister, yet they are both equally talented. And of course, being the youngest and the only son, he gets far more support and attention, which is the reverse of what it should be!


Jack said...

As the only son I have some familiarity with attention, but of course mine was well deserved. ;)