Why Do You Blog?

Last Saturday night I stood outside in the cool Virginia air and engaged in a brief discussion about blogging. The people I spoke with said that they had friends who blogged but it was not something that they engaged in themselves.

They were very curious about why I blog and whether I get anything out of it. Later on I'll share more of that conversation. But for now, I am curious to hear what you have to say.

Why do you blog?


Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

I ask myself this question constantly. Why do I blog? I started for a simple reason - to create a platform to promote my book when the time was right. But now, I'm not so sure. I am completely hooked and this is not all about self/book promotion. I think I blog for several commingling reasons:

1. To ask questions
2. To memorialize small moments
3. To start conversations
4. To feel heard
5. To flex writing muscles
6. To force myself to think
7. To connect with others
8. To make sense of life

The list could (and does) go on, but I will stop there. I think this question is hugely important and one all of us bloggers should continue to ask ourselves and each other.

Thanks for making me think.

Thrilled to have found your blog today. Thanks for your comment on mine. (Though I think it is illegal that you hate broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts - these are literally three of my favorite foods! We can agree to disagree on this one.)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I began to maintain my sanity post-accident. I think I'm now addicted to it.

therapydoc said...

I love talking to people and have to shut up at work.

bernthis said...

because it connects me to a world of people that I adore. living alone after 14 years with someone was the hardest thing I ever had to do and when I began this journey I had no idea how NOT alone I would feel. It has helped me heal quite a bit and I'm forever grateful to the women that I've met both online and in person

Anonymous said...

To document a momentous journey I am on, to connect with other people all over the world, to help me remember, to organise my thoughts, to empty my brain so I can sleep soundly at night....

That'll do for now.

HeyJoe said...

Good question. I like many of Aidan's reasons and will claim some as my own.

There have been many times when I question why I continue to blog, particularly during those times when I feel I have nothing, and I mean NOTHING to say. I guess in the end I enjoy the outlet and hope that others enjoy my efforts.

bernie said...

Because I have no writings of my grandfather.

Yes, one can miss that which he never had, and it saddens me that I do not have the thoughts and opinions of my ancestors.

To remedy that situation for my descendants, I have memorialized myself by blogging. I am there for their perusal; they are free to read or ignore me, but I am giving them the option.

john cave osborne said...

that is a tough one. for people who aren't in this world, it's very hard to get.

but if i were to boil down, it probably has to do with opera, martinis, and the McNiel Lehrer report. b/c that's all i remember from my childhood. the only scrapbook i've got has the theme of M.A.S.H as the soundtrack. there were no pictures, family trips, or home movies. just "not now, honey. Barney Miller's on."

i'm not mad at my parents, but our world was an interruption of their adult one. and i guess i want my kids to know that every day, my adult world has plenty of their kiddie world in it.

i'm also making up for the (count 'em) two baby pictures my parents have of me. i'm creating our own digital scrapbook, and i think one day, our kids will thank me for it.

oh, and i suppose if i'm being honest, like aidan, it'd be nice to get my book a little pub.

great question! enjoyed reading everyone's answers...

Jack Steiner said...


That is a solid list that incorporates many of my own reasons. And you are right, we can agree to disagree about those yucky vegetables. ;)


It is an easy addiction to acquire.


I don't know how you do it. I couldn't sit there and listen to people tell me how bad their lives are. It would wear me out.


Blogging friends are real. Some can turn into true friends. It is a beautiful thing.


I like the line about emptying your brain. I kind of do that too.


Outlets are important. I think that its why I have managed to keep this place going.


That is important. I wish that I could read what my grandfathers thought about some things. It would be something special.


I associate the theme to Barney Miller with being told that it is bedtime. I hear you.

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