November 25, 2009

Scenes From A Car

I am a person who loves to watch people. Yep, that is me, a peoplewatcher. I just find it interesting to sit back and watch what people do. In restaurants I find it especially interesting to watch couples who are clearly on a date and see what happens.

Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to create dialogue for them, to offer a running commentary. OTOH, sometimes my creative juices are nonexistent and I can't think of anything funny to say.

Another aspect of peoplewatching is the fun that you can have while driving. If you spend enough time on the road you see so many different things. Here is an incomplete list of things that I have seen at one time or another:

  • Woman applying makeup- Always makes me feel good to know that if they rear-end me they will end up with the mascara brush in the eye or pushed so far up their left nostril it is likely to become a permanent fixture.
  • Men Shaving- Actually I once saw a guy using a blade and no shaving cream. Ouch! What are you thinking.
  • The ubiquitous nosepicker- Both men and women. You may be alone in your car but you are most definitely not alone on the road.
  • The ubiquitous cellphone talker- They are everywhere and there is not enough to be said about them that hasn't already been said.
  • Oral Sex- Yep, I have seen more than one man with a large smile on his face and one hand on the wheel. Again this is one of those situations where I smile when I think about what will happen if the jerkoff (wrong word to use) smacks into my car.
  • Fast Food Fanatic- I don't know if fanatic is the right word, but I like the alliteration. This is the guy or girl who cannot stop stuffing that leaky taco or drippy burger into their mouth.
  • The Entertainer- Thus named for those people who sing and dance to the radio. It can be especially fun to watch them bebop around blissfully unaware that someone is filming them so that they can be uploaded onto the net.

Ok, this list could be more interesting and there are most definitely some screwy things that I haven't listed but this is primetime and there are children reading this blog.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I think my favorites are always the multi-tasker. Talking on the phone, while smoking, while bopping to music, while driving.

And it's the holidays now, it's only going to get weirder.

john cave osborne said...

i TOTALLY have conversations for people. and i LOVE it when i bust someone getting their air-microphone on. especially if they're looking in the rear-view as they do it.

Jack said...


The holidays make me crazy. It will definitely get stranger out there.


That is pretty funny.I like that.