November 23, 2009

Drunk Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

Words fail me. Oy.
Updated to reflect that it is a viral video from Heineken.


Lady-Light said...

Omigosh. I was cracking up, until I saw the bride's bloody face. How awful.
More power to Orthodox Jewish weddings, where no one is supposed to...go to excess...and the focus is on the chatan and kallah.

(btw, Jack, I lost the link to last Sunday's HH--can you resend it to me?)thanks.

Jack said...

Blog carnival always has a link to it.

Eelke said...

This is actually a viral video from Heineken, see the original here:

Aunt Juicebox said...

Wow. I guess she was molesting the pole because she didn't have a date? Unbelievable.