November 27, 2009

Americans Toss Out 40 Percent of All Food

This story is more than a little disturbing. People go hungry while others throw it away. Something needs to be done.

U.S. residents are wasting food like never before.
While many Americans feast on turkey and all the fixings today, a new study finds food waste per person has shot up 50 percent since 1974. Some 1,400 calories worth of food is discarded per person each day, which adds up to 150 trillion calories a year.
The study finds that about 40 percent of all the food produced in the United States is tossed out.
Meanwhile, while some have plenty of food to spare, a recent report by the Department of Agriculture finds the number of U.S. homes lacking "food security," meaning their eating habits were disrupted for lack of money, rose from 4.7 million in 2007 to 6.7 million last year.
About 1 billion people worldwide don't have enough to eat, according to the World Food Program.


V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

I get very frustrated when I have to throw out food because I bought or cooked too much at once or because my kids have wasted it. It *really* bothers me. I try to shop and cook wisely and keep my children aware of ways to prevent food waste, but we still waste more than I care to admit.

Jack said...

I understand. The same thing happens here. It is frustrating to see how much isn't used.