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What Brings You Joy?

It is a simple question that I like to ask every so often. What brings you joy? I look forward to reading your commments.


Watching my wife Karen breathe.
Just like a guy said…
I know this sounds corny, but when my wife is happy I'm happy.
Anonymous said…
Life...just thinking about it brings me joy everyday!
Anonymous said…
Knowing I am loved
yesterday, today and tomorrow...
Phyllis Sommer said…
hearing my children laugh
Incredibly corny, but it's true: Playing with my kids. Seeing the sun set. Saying Ashrei. Eating an unusual food.
Ivdu ess Hashem b'Simcha!!
westbankmama said…
Seeing my children around the Shabbos table.
Anonymous said…
My partner, my friends, the change of seasons, life in general.
SnoopyTheGoon said…
Kids, nature, books, wine, whisky, er...

Not busting my ass over HH, certainly.
Jack Steiner said…

A love like that is rare and precious.


Not corny, beautiful.


That is great and is it should be.


That sort of love is precious. Hold on to it.


A child's laughter has incredible power and healing qualities.


Not corny, important. Those are the things that keep us going.




There is something nice about that. I always love the look on my kids faces after we finish blessing them.


Does London have seasons, I thought it was just rain and fog. ;) Those are good things. Anytime you can take pleasure out of life it is important.


Wine and whiskey can provide a lot of joy. They are simple pleasures that give a lot.

Not as much as hosting HH, but they work. ;)
Lady-Light said…
Am I too late with this? Well, the thought of being together again with all my children and their families in Yerushalayim someday keeps me going and brings me joy.
Also, certain tefilot from Shabbat & chol shacharit (Nishmat, etc.). Simchat Torah, Pesach, and singing zmirot with my kids & their spices (plural of 'spouse')around the Shabbat or Yom Tov table.

I must add--in reading the comments--I see you have some wonderful husbands here...
Baila said…
The little things bring me joy--when I'm driving and an old song that I haven't heard in years come on, when the air is fresh and crisp, when my husband calls me in the middle of the day for no reason at all.

And sometimes, when the stars are aligned just right and everyone is happy and together and content, knowing that I have achieved my lifelong dream of living in Israel brings me a great deal of joy as well.
Jack Steiner said…

We only have the best husbands here. ;)


Fresh, crisp air is cool and I don't mean that to be sarcastic or punny.