October 23, 2009

I Should Be Sleeping But Instead I am Listening To Music

One- U2 With Mary J. Blige
With Or Without You- U2
All I Want is You- U2
City of Blinding Lights- U2
Where The Streets Have No Name- U2
My Love Will Not Let You Down - Bruce Springsteen
Happy - Bruce Springsteen
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Young Turks - Rod Stewart
Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp
Dreamweaver - Gary Wright
Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
Latika's Theme - Slumdog Millionaire
The Man Who Couldn't Cry - Johnny Cash
Can't Get It Out of My Head - ELO
Telephone Line - ELO


survivinglifedaily said...

I like your playlist! A lot of U2!

Jack said...

Yep, I like 'em.