A Few Words About Writing

It is a bit after 1 am and I am well past my bedtime. If I hadn't used up my current supply of common sense I would have been asleep hours ago, but so it goes.

A while back I decided that I want to write a a book and a screenplay. I suppose that it is not that unusual but it is not something that I have always dreamt of. Most of my dreams about writing dealt with becoming a famous sportswriter.

Actually I am not really sure that I thought much about being famous. I was far more interested in getting paid to attend the major sporting events. There was something cool about earning a living based upon writing about baseball, football, basketball whatever.

I still think about becoming a professional sports writer. I have almost everything I need, tools, ability and desire. The big problem is that I don't have the job. Ok, that is more than a big problem, it is THE problem. But who knows what the future holds. One day you are just an ordinary blogger and the next you are the second coming of Jim Murray.

Don't laugh, it could happen. Of course I could also find myself living in cleveland or Buffalo. Probably a better chance of that happening than becoming the next Jim Murray.Of course I have to add that I am more interested in becoming the Jack B, first edition than the second or third iteration of anything.

Books and screenplays interest me because I find them to be cool. They are accomplishments that I can look back at with pride, hopefully not in an Ozymandias kind of way.

The dark haired beauty has missed most of the school week. Half her class is out right now, several with documented cases of swine flu. At the moment no one can call my princess a pig, the docs say that she has a standard cold.I hesitated in writing that because I am a bit superstitious.

Tomorrow she'll be home with me again and it looks like I might get her older brother as well. That should make life even more interesting. Two sick kids, one father who is supposed to be working. Might get a little dicey at times. Unfortunately the lottery winners haven't bothered to share their winnings with me and since I don't play I haven't any claim to untold fortunes. What that means is that old dad is going to have to work tomorrow.

So, I may have to call upon the services of Uncle DirecTV and his friend DVD player. Not an ideal situation, but I need to find some ways to occupy those two. It is part of why I am awake now, been working on things. With any luck some of the crap I have been dealing with now will translate into business.


Been having a field day with the Fragments of Fiction posts.  They are a combination of fiction and reality. If you happen to recognize yourself or others it is because I am so enamored with you that I cannot help but write about you. I want you, I need you and I will have you. And if not I'll write about it so that future generations won't know about the shame of never capturing your heart.

On a serious note when I write those posts I try hard to put myself in a certain frame of mind. I usually use old letters and music to make that happen. With any luck it works well enough for you to relate to it.

Ok, this old man has to get a little shut eye. I am going to end this now. Look for me at Blogworld, I just might be there. After all, I am anonymous, so you never know, I could be Guy Kawasaki. Holy Kaw, I just outed myself. Heck, as long as I have done that let me link to the five reasons why Alltop should be a part of your life.  ;)


Anonymous said...

I do believe that you have a talent with words, I can always relate to your posts even though I technically have nothing in commong with them! Good luck with the next step.

Micsteel said...

Ok, the post was excellent but I never thought I would see a reference to Ozymandias in a blog post - or much of anything outside a literature class (or a choir concert at the University of South Alabama).

Jack Steiner said...


Thank you. The question is how to translate that from here to the next place I want to go.


Ozymandias is one of my favorite poems. I have probably referenced it here a few times.

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