Which iPod Should I Buy?

Hi gang,

I am the lucky recipient of some Amazon gift certificate moolah and am thinking about purchasing a new iPod. Curious to get feedback as to your opinions about the Touch versus the Nano.

Does anyone have any amazing thoughts to share?


Anonymous said...

If you want a portable device that can play music/video, surf the web (WiFi) and run thousands of apps (all different types of anything you can imagine), get the touch. If you want a tiny device that can play music/video, and take video, get the nano. It all depends on what you want. Personally, I prefer the touch (and also have a gen 1 nano).


Anonymous said...

I am in love with my iPod Touch. Holds enough music/audio books to get me from Cleveland to NYC and back with 3 kids. Syncs perfectly with iCal and Address Book so I can use it as a PDA, I can store tons of photos of my kids to nauseate people with and if I find a wi-fi spot I can check email, surf the internet, etc. No contest over the Nano.

benning said...

I have a little Phillips 2GB GoGear mp3 player. It recharges easily - the usb plug is easy to use! - and downloads files fast.

The only thing it doesn't seem to like are Classical music files. Dunno why. Maybe I have to convert them to a different file type. But I have plenty of Beatles, Moody Blues, and other music files on it.

It cost me nothing. I found it in the trash. LOL

I also have an mp3 player I bought from Audible.com years ago - Audible Otis - which they no longer sell. Most file types work on it, but as it's old it only takes so many files. The audible book files are what it was designed for.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Jack, you will be much better off without one. On the other hand, since it's not the first, your ears are, most probably, already ruined by now. Go ahead...

Mottel said...

I still say go for the Zune HD

Baila said...

For advice like this you need to go to the experts--teenagers. I asked my kids for you. One of them has a Nano and one of them has a Touch. Both agree--Touch wins hands down. It does everything, but wash the dishes (not that my daughter didn't try...)

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Mark,

If I had the cash I might consider both. Both of them are of interest to me. But I definitely appreciate your advice.

Hi Reb Rocks,

That is a great review for the Touch. It really gives a good taste of what it can do.


Free is always good in my book, that goes a long way. At 2GB I wonder how much music it can hold?


Don't pretend that you don't have one of your own. ;)


I am going to Cnet to see what they say.


Aren't we still teenagers? I could swear that we can't be any older than 17.

Anyway, I appreciate the help. BTW, I hate doing dishes and if it really did them I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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