Talk Like a Pirate Day

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and by gar I am excited. Like most pirates I have a fine pirate name, I dost have a pirate name. Call me Captain Jack- One-eared Dog the Damned.

So you may be wonderin' what does a pirate do for Rosh Hashanah, that whole rape and pillage thin' isn't really in line with t' spirit o' t' day. Well your good Captain Jack doesn't worry much, 'cuz I do be called One-eared Dog the Damned for a reason.

That being said your pirate has seen some bizarre and incomprehensible things while at sea so me crew and I minimize the really bad stuff. That's not to say that ye can't earn yourself a beating, 'cuz ye can. In fact a good thrashing can be a spiritual experience.

Tomorrow I'll be thinking of ye and wishing ye well in your chase for that treasure we seek.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day


E. Fink said...

In honor of talk like a pirate day we're gonna make sure we have some Rum at the kiddush,

Plus, I'm agivin' thar sermon in ye olde pirate speak.

Shana Tova

Gail said...

Ahoy, shiver me timbers and shana tova, Jack.

One Wink at a Time said...

OMG I would love to hear a sermon in pirate talk.
This is one of my favorite holidays, I did a post too.
My Word Verification is "maties" How cool!

Jack Steiner said...

Rav Fink,

If it wasn't a chag I would have asked you to tape it. Would have been fun to hear.


Thanks Matey!


Sometimes that word verification thing does some crazy stuff. Makes me wonder if there is some connection between it and the posts.

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! Jewish Pirates...interesting!

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