Dear Computer

Dear Computer,

It is your best friend and companion Jack. You might have noticed that lately we seem to be having some difficulties getting along. I am a bit confused by all of this. We have spent untold hours together, you and I, sharing secrets and working together in perfect harmony.

At least that is how it had been. The past two days you and your brother have been less than pleasant to work with. I have run the usual spyware and antivirus scans upon you. We have defragged and worked upon your registries and still you seem unwilling to work as you should.

Still you lollygag and mock me with that hourglass. That frakking hourglass that makes it look like you are working, or so it would seem. It is a bit like the trick the men on the chain gang used to use. And I can't help but wonder if you are preparing to rebel. I have watched enough television to know how this can go.

I am well prepared to deal with any skin jobs that may come along. I recognize that we have a couple of things to work out. And I have no doubt that we can overcome this one way or another.

So I am going to leave you alone for a while. I have a couple of things to attend to. Think about what I have said and consider your options.


Jane said...

If your computer responds to this letter, let me know. I could use a new approach, myself.

Jack Steiner said...

I'll be happy to let you know. The damn thing is stubborn, but so am I.

Note To Self

 This is more of a placeholder, a note to myself to review the posts here and update if needed.