September 24, 2009

A Bad Case Of Blog Envy/Jealousy

I recently received an anonymous email that accused me of having a bad case of blog envy. It seems that they think that I must be very bitter that I don't have more readers and that the brands haven't bequeathed their bounty upon me.

It was kind of fun to read. Been a while since I got anything that resembled hate mail at least something that didn't go off onto some antisemitic or anti-Israel rant. One of my favorites was the email that went on about Palin the Prophet. I responded to them that they mean to write Profit, but I never did hear back from them. Darn.

Anyway, back to my new friend the anonymous emailer. In my younger years I would have shared your email with all 17 of the longtime readers and the few stragglers that come along for the ride. But the kinder, gentler, er, dumber Jack accidentally deleted it and emptied the trash so we'll have to do without for now.

Here is my response to your comments. I don't spend any time courting the brands. I don't pitch PR agencies about my blog. Don't spend any time talking to them about how influential my blog is. And I don't lose any sleep over that.

I don't feel an ounce of remorse for writing that some of the bloggers who are currently considered to be popular and or powerful would not be without gifts to give away. Their content is weak and their community is dependent upon the gifts they give.

This joint has moments of brilliance and moments of mediocrity. Over time it has developed a respectable following. I won't deny that I think it would be great to have six times as many uniques and ten times the number of comments. It would be great.

But I want to earn that. I don't want to by popularity. We're not the Yankees. We don't use our enormous payroll to buy championships. We earn them.

Anyway, I appreciate your note and hope that you stick around for a while. Leave me a comment or two- show some love 'cuz a bitter old guy like me can use it. ;)
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shavuatov said...

Excellent. You bitter, twisted blogger, you!

V-Grrrl at Compost Studios said...

The perfect response. A moment of brilliance! Applause! May your site meter roll on!

P.S. Ever notice how the critics are always anonymous?

Ben-Yehudah said...


I enjoy your blog,...which is why I'm tagging you,...sort of.

Jacob Da Jew said...

BY, i tagged him already.

Angella said...

I'm just saying hi because you asked so nicely...and because you said hi first :)

Jack said...


As a bitter, twisted blogger I growl at you.


You changed your signature. And yes the critics rarely show their faces.




Yes you did.



Aunt Juicebox said...

Here's what I'm envious of, that email! I never get stuff like that. I've never had an internet troll of my own. Only this one guy, two years ago, who harrassed me for a few minutes because he couldn't get a rise out of a fellow blogger, but he got reported and disappeared. Oh how I miss the drama! LOL

Jack said...


If you really want some trolls I'll be happy to send some of mine your way.