August 22, 2009

She Died- Death Notices Via Facebook

I often write about different the world that my children are growing up is from that which I experienced. But I don't often really stop to think about the affect and impact those changes have upon me. Tonight life decided to remind me that I don't live in a vacuum.

Tonight's lesson came courtesy of Facebook. A little after 11 PM I signed on and learned that my great aunt had died. I didn't receive the new via a direct message or email. Rather I learned because my cousins had changed their statuses to mention her passing and to honor her.

It was a bit surreal and it took a moment to sink in. My aunt was the older sister of my grandmother. She was approximately 18 months or so older, although for the past 25 years or so she tried to insist that she was younger.

I can't really say that she was taken too soon because 97 is a nice long life. But I can say that she was a very special lady. This means that my grandmother is the last member of her family, all of her parents and siblings are gone now.

It is a surreal experience learning about death via Facebook. In some ways it was incredibly impersonal and yet in others it felt a bit more intimate. So many comments poured in from family that even though we weren't together it seemed otherwise.

Because I got the news so late in the evening I haven't any idea as to whether my parents or siblings are aware of this. I rather suspect that my mother will call me early tomorrow to let me know. She'll be shocked to learn that I already heard the news and especially surprised to learn how.

Well, changes impact us all. I'll miss my aunt, she was a special lady and a lot of fun. Baruch Dayan Emet.


feefifoto said...

So sorry about the death of your aunt. It's sad when your oldest generation fades away and you have to move up a step.

The Facebook thing is odd, but something we have to become used to. Our kids won't find it peculiar at all.

Anonymous said...

Jack, it's quite amazing how fast the world is changing.

feefifoto - So sorry about the death of your aunt. It's sad when your oldest generation fades away and you have to move up a step.

"Moving up a step", great insight.


The Misanthrope said...

My condolences for your loss. It's strange to think about the branch of the family tree disappearing completely.

Regarding your finding out via facebook, I wrote a news story on funeral services conducted online for those who could not attend. The world continues to change

Mottel said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your great aunt. For my family as well, this past year was a serious loss in the ranks of the older generation (today is my grandfather's Yahrtzeit).
May we only have good news from now on.

Jack said...


Thank you. It is sort of strange to see us moving up, but it makes sense. I am glad to have the opportunity to do it.

Hi Mark,

The world is just racing by. I am always amazed by how fast it moves.


Thank you. That branch of the family has been pruned to the point it is almost gone.

I have heard about those online services. I have mixed feelings.

Hi Mottel,

I hope that your memories of your grandfather are as good as mine. If they can't be here at least we should smile when we think of them.

ProfK said...

So sorry to hear of your aunt's death. There are so few left of that generation and yes, it's strange to think that we are now the next to oldest generation. May your memories of her make for treasured family stories.

Jack said...

ProfK- Thank you.