July 22, 2009

Musical Evening Interlude

La Tortura- Shakira
No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley
Summertime- Ella Fitzgerald
Running up that Hill- Kate Bush & David Gilmour
Kiss Me- Stephen Tin Tin Duffy (talk about a trip back in time)
Don't Tell Me- Blancmange (high school revisited)
Prodigal Blues- Billy Idol (Some of the lyrics really hit home with me.)
All I want is You- U2
Broken Hearts- Living Colour
Boys of Summer- Don Henley


ChayimKeh said...

Well thanks a lot - I thought I had fully purged that utterly silly Brit song "Kiss Me (with your mouth)" from my mind - now it's back in there again!!! I much prefer the same titled song from Sixpence none the wiser... (this is what I get for cheating during the 9 days)

Jack said...

You didn't have to click on the link. ;)