July 20, 2009

Dear Friends-

Leaving sarcastic comments or snarky remarks is a good way to get the kind of attention you don't want.

This isn't cleveland.


Ezzie said...

Blah blah.

Jack said...


Miriam L said...

Raggin' on Cleveland again? Hmmm. I'm here in your own glorious state and its been about 108 degrees every day. I'm in the San Joaquin Valley, which I understand to be the jewel in the California crown. Actually, it isn't bad, and at least TMZ won't harass me in the Fresno airport the way they do at LAX. Oh wait, that wasn't me, that was Madonna.

Jack said...


Fresno is a gem compared to some cities in California that I have been to. Try going to Blythe, we call it Blight.

At times it feels a bit like some of those redneck paradises you have scattered throughout Texas.