July 14, 2009

Birthday Party Drama

Dear Moms of the world,

The fathers of your children and oftentimes husbands have noticed that there seems to be an inordinate amount of drama surrounding birthday parties. We don't understand what is so hard about scheduling them and the back channel talking about who did what, where and why.

We don't spend time worrying about throwing the best or most outlandish party. All we care about is seeing that our children have a good time. Water balloons, pinatas and silly string are good props.

Why must this be turned into a big deal. We don't expect to get a satisfactory answer for this any more than why you have 27 pairs or shoes or need a new dress for every party we attend. What is the point and the purpose.

Now if you'll excuse us we are off to bang ourselves in the head with a baseball bat, it is faster and more effective than the slow torture methods you engage in.


Miriam L said...

an inordinate amount of drama

Now Jack. Just how much drama is OK by you?

Nilu said...

Hi Jack,

I notice that you have a mischevious streak in you.

I bet you'll enjoy reading this!



Jack said...

Just how much drama is OK by you?

Depends on whether cleveland or Texas are involved.


I'll take a look.

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

well, I dunno? Maybe it's because you're off banging your head with a baseball bat, while I try to pry the 5 year old having the tantrum out of the room into which he locked himself 15 minutes ago, and slammed the door so hard that the mechanism broke and I'm using a crowbar to break the door down?
Oh but if he comes out, I'm sending the whole dang lot of them to the playground with popsicles. And that is that.
Just sayin'

Jack said...


No crowbar is necessary. Did you not learn from Moshe. Ask the door to open. ;)