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A Bad Case of Stupid Seems To Be Going Around.

A bad case of stupid seems to be going around. There is an abundance of morons, the supply of idiots seems to exceed the demand. And the worst part of this is that I seem to be exuding the imbecile pheromone in waves.

I know, that seems to be an excessive use of language to expound upon the extreme irritation that I feel. At the moment I want to be the guy leading the villagers to torch the damn castle. Give me a broad sword and a doorway and I swear to you that I none shall pass.

WTF, STFU and a healthy dose of assorted curse words don't begin to properly express the frustration and anger I feel.

I am properly explain what set me off, but words fail me. I can't quite get it out in a responsible fashion, so I am going to babble and rant for a moment.

One of the benefits of being a responsible adult is that I recognize that my actions have consequences. I understand that acting in haste and anger does not serve me well. So even though I am dying to tell you in excruciating detail about the company and individuals who are the source of this, I am not going to.

Not yet.

I am not going to because they deserve special attention. They merit the sort of treatment that gives CEOs and shareholders palpitations.

So Mr and Mrs. Stupidhead (five year old insults are great, aren't they) I am notifying you that I have been documenting your actions for quite some time. I notified you repeatedly about these infractions and you agreed that this was unacceptable.

But you have chosen to ignore all of this so I am going to follow through. Your reign of terror is going to end. I am going to take you down a notch or two, myabe even five or six.

And when it is all done, when the dust has cleared we'll probably find that this was completely unnecessary. Just one stupid moment in time, but stupid is as stupid does, and you are stupid heads.

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well.


Great title.

Describes most of contemporary life and the people who make it so ....

Could we have a few more details as to what you are actually kvetching about?
Anonymous said…
Good for you, Jack. I must say, thoughts akin to this pass through my mind at least once a day. I sometimes wonder if I should just set up a ranting blog (Rachel Rants Remorselessly) just to get it all off my chest....

Kol Tuv and Shabbat Shalom

Tzipporah said…
ooh, I can't wait to find out what this is all about!
Jack Steiner said…

Details? perhaps later.


It feels good to let it out.


We'll see.
Ayrdale said…
A bad case going around ? Well of course. We are less capable these days of mental arithmetic, spelling, self expression, reading...thanks in no small way to the dumbing down within our schools. A deliberate process, so that the products of our schools will be unable to differentiate between good and bad, clever and stupid...and vote accordingly....for change we can believe in.
Jack Steiner said…

I often wonder what the source of all this is.
Lady-Light said…
posting comment a bit late, but- I am now Instant Messaging with my son in Israel about The State of the World. We both agree that it is terrible, and getting worse. Stupidheads all, in other words.

I hope you do not suffer for your coming actions, and I hope you rectify the situation, whatever it may be- hatzlachah!