Second Rule of Blogging

The second rule of blogging is that the posts that I think are the best rarely get the most traffic.


Anonymous said...


Some of my best stuff is lies at the bottom of the stats heap...

To fix this problem I frequently compile "My Favorites" posts and I always include underappreciated posts.

LB said...

Agreed. There have been a few times (recently even) where I've posted something and I thought, not only will this get traffic, but it's controversial, so maybe plenty of comments, too. Nada.

I have found that the most popular posts are actually the ones I write about more lighter topics like food and travel.

I like the idea of favorite posts - I think I'll incorporate something similar.

LB said...

I hope that doesn't bother you RF... thanks for the idea!

Jack Steiner said...


I routinely put summary posts together in which I provide a recap of recent posts and highlight a few from the past.


So much depends on your readers. Many are hesitant to get involved in any sort of political discourse.

It takes effort to grow and cultivate a community. If you work at it you can make it happen. But it still takes some effort to maintain it.

Unknown said...

Best posts get few comments because there's little to add or disagree with.

See certain other blogs which get lots of comments. :)

Jack Steiner said...


That is the perfect answer. The post would be ruined by comments so people refrained. I like it. ;)

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