How Many Blogs Do you Read?

I don't know about you but with the proliferation of all of the time saving devices I seem to have less time than I did before. In addition "real life" obligations have taken away a chunk of time that I used to have as well.

I just don't have time to read the way that I used to, or should I say that I don't seem to have time to read and comment as often as I'd like to.

Anyway, I am curious. How many blogs do you read and do you think that Twitter has had an impact upon that?


chosha said...

There are about 100 blogs in my blog reader list, but there are about ten that I check every day. The rest I probably get to once a week, or once a fortnight if I'm super busy.

froylein said...

On a more or less regular basis, I read yours, DK's and Shtreimel's, so I suppose I'm lame at following blogs.

Jack Steiner said...


100 blogs? Wow, that is ambitious. But it sounds like you have a ratio that makes sense. Ten a day, I can see that.


I don't know that there is a rule as to how many you have to follow, as long as you follow mine. ;)

froylein said...

I hope the blog feelings are mutual. ;)

Jack Steiner said...


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