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Chumus Wars

If you Google the word Chumus, you'll see that my friend Benji has the market locked up on the top results. Today I decided that I just can't accept that so we're taking steps to correct it.

I am going to build a script that inserts Chumus into all 7,000 of the posts here and within no time at all I'll be the top dog.

It is a prelude to the coming marketing storm when our chain of restaurants Chumus King opens up worldwide. Soon the mighty CK will enter the arena sweeping the competition aside and giving hope to inferior and weak falafel balls everywhere.

That whisper you hear will grow from a barely audible Chumus to a mighty roar of CHUMUS!


Esser Agaroth said…

What about alternative spellings?

Humos, Humous, etc. See how American companies which produce or import it spell it.

Are Moishe's and Hellen's still around?
Benji Lovitt said…
Hey! I thought we were buds! What gives???
Jack Steiner said…

Ah, hadn't thought about that.


We are. This is all part of the secret plan to corner the Chumus, Hummus and Humus market.

Not to mention a chance to educate those who pronounce it like they are humming something.

As you say, B'ima Sheli! ;)
what's so special about chumus?
Benji Lovitt said…
I just sat down with five minutes to kill and came up with 47 things offhand.
Jack Steiner said…
47 things- and not even trying. Not bad.
Benji Lovitt: what are the 47 things then?
do you still remember them? lol
Benji Lovitt said…
If I recall, at least 42 of them involved chumus. The other 5, "yiyeh b'seder".