May 25, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'-Journey

I have noticed a bunch of people have been promoting a show on Fox called Glee by providing the video of the kids performing Don't Stop Believin.'

Do you like it better or do you prefer Journey?


Anonymous said...

Don't you have anything better to do with your life other than posting dumb sh*t like this ????

Anonymous said...

Don't you have anything more important to do??? /Like WAKE UP?

Kelly said...

Comments are invisible until you allow them? NICE. Afraid someone else will have an opinion then?

Ezzie said...

That's a nice Glee clip. I'll admit it makes me intrigued.

I like the dual aspect of Glee, along with the young performers aspect.

Jack said...

Dear Kelly of North Carolina, IP address

I moderate the comments because some people are "courtesy challenged.
Most people understand that a blog is like a person's home. They wouldn't walk in and immediately insult the host.

And then there are others who have reading comprehension issues. They post inane remarks twice and then get frustrated when those remarks don't immediately show up.

So they make a third attempt to show the world how bright they are by making another foolish remark.

I'll provide the same courtesy you provided me and let your comments stand for a while.


It looks like it has some potential.