Coffee Bean or Starbucks

If you ask me I far prefer the coffee at Coffee Bean to Starbucks.


Mottel said...

Though Coffee Bean is owned by a Jew and has a (somewhat - ask your personal rabbi) better standard of kashrus.

Holy Hyrax said...

Ya, but nobody asked you!


Anonymous said...

I like the coffee at both. BUT! If I have a choice, Coffee Bean all he way. They don't just have a better standard of Kashrut, they ARE Kosher whereas Starbucks foods aren't, with the exception of a few pre-packaged ones.

Also, Coffee Bean has some great specialty drinks hat are seasonal.


Jack Steiner said...


Starbucks is ok, but it is missing something.



Jack Steiner said...

Hi Tamara.

Mottel said...

Tamara I should clarify:
Most things in Coffee Bean are kosher certified (I believe certain items aren't) where in Starbucks they aren't.
That being said, speak to your rabbi about what in Coffee Bean is good for you.

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