Warning- The Polar Bear Will Eat You

I want to assume that this woman was mentally ill, but who knows.

BERLIN, Germany (CNN) -- A polar bear attacked a woman at Berlin Zoo Friday afternoon after she climbed a fence and jumped into its habitat during feeding time, police said Saturday.

One adult polar bit her several times after she plunged into the moat, police said.

Zoo workers tossed rescue rings toward the woman to hoist her out and distract polar bears swimming nearby, said Goerg Gebhard, a Berlin police officer.

"They saved her life," Gebhard told CNN.


Anonymous said...

When are people going to learn that animals do not live by our rules? Polar bears are predators and are quite territorial. Entering their enclosure, especially during feeding time, is dangerous.

I, too, assume the woman may have a mental illness or disorder.

Anonymous said...

Well, my comment might seem to be cruel or uncaring, but that idiot deserves what she got. She is lucky there were ppl to rescue her moronic gluteous maximus, along with the rest of her. She should be permanently BANNED from all zoo`s to protect the animals from her .Better yet, let them eat cake after they fill up just to complete the meal.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I get grumpy when people lay on my bed and I am a freaking human! I do not like people putting their stuff on my bed. I do not like it at all. So why should an animal, who is not in their REAL habitat, stuck in this small FAKE habitat want to share it with a HUMAN that symbolizes the very thing that KEEPS him there? I would attack her too! And he was hungry too boot! She should have kept her sorry butt out of there! She had no business in there! She got what was coming to her and now this poor bear will be labeled because of her stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom what this woman actually thought was going to happen when she made this decision. Did she expect the bears to cuddle up with her? She's either mentally ill or a complete idiot. Either way she needs to be in some facility for her own protection.

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