April 29, 2009

Is Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Really That Ignorant

It appears that Governor of Florida Charlie Crist is in need of some help. Someone came up with the cockamamie idea to offer religious themed license plates in Florida. The governor says that he doesn't see any issues with the separation of church and state. His argument is quite weak. I am not in favor of blurring the lines in this matter. The First Amendment is very clear.

It is to all of our benefit and advantage not to engage in this sort of political tomfoolery.

Hat Tip: DB


feefifoto said...

He's just looking for some free publicity; every time someone looks at one of those plates his name will come up.

Jack said...

You could be right, but still those things bother me. I don't care what religion they promote, it is not appropriate.

~~Silk said...

"God" is generic. "Jesus" and the cross is specific. That's the problem.

Jack said...

Well put Silk, you nailed it.