How To Get More Readers For Your Blog

The two most common questions bloggers ask about blogging are how to get more readers and how encourage them to leave more comments. It is not surprising. It is always nice to see that people appreciate your work.

I have a simple formula that I try to follow that has proven to be successful.

Blog with passion and blog with joy. Blog with energy.

Many experts recommend that you pick a topic and focus upon that. That is solid advice. Writing about what you know is important, but so is writing about something you enjoy. It will pay dividends. You'll find it easier to pay attention to details and to craft something that is more interesting.

Write in your natural voice. Blogging is interactive, so be conversational when you can. But don't shy away from being descriptive. Your posts should tell a story, build a tapestry of images and ideas.

Pay attention to the titles of your posts. New readers aren't always aware that you are the next Hemingway so you need to do something to draw them in.

Read other blogs and comment on them. If your blog is focused on a particular topic go out and find like minded bloggers. Spend some time on their blogs and comment there.

A word of advice about this. Try to leave comments that make it clear that you read the post. If you are new to a blog and you leave comments like "good post" it may be flagged as comment spam.

Develop posts that are interactive in nature. Ask your readers questions that will encourage them to engage with you. For example write a post in which you ask your readers to name their three favorite blogs. Then go there and leave a comment saying that blogger XYZ sent you.

Relationships are important. Cultivate them. They are just as important in the blogosphere as they are outside of it. There may come a time when you have to take a break from blogging. If you don't want to lose momentum you can ask other bloggers to serve as a guest blogger on your blog.

Most of the time they'll let their readers know that they are pinch hitting elsewhere and you just might find yourself with some new readers.

And don't forget that it works the other way too. If you have the opportunity to be a guest blogger take it. It is an excellent way to expose yourself and your blog to a brand new audience.

But most of all, just have fun. I may be biased, but the best and most enjoyable blogs are those that Blog with passion and blog with joy. Blog with energy.

What do you think?


Benji Lovitt said...

I agree with everything. Passion, titles other bloggers....all important.

You forgot to mention swine flu. That's huge.

Jack Steiner said...

Actually I forgot a bunch of things, like interviewing other bloggers. But I have to agree that swine flu is right up there, as is discussing how to spell Chanukah and Chumus. ;)

Ezzie said...


feefifoto said...

I think I'm a good writer but I always seem to have trouble with titles. I want to use obscure puns or references and that probably makes some casual readers think: "Huh?"

Jack Steiner said...




Obscure titles and puns aren't necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on far and wide you want to cast your net.

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

good post

i will be back often

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Jack Steiner said...


Well done, you almost had me fooled. ;)

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