April 03, 2009

ER- The Series Finale

Fifteen years ago I was a single guy living in my own place. I had a television but no cable so reception was often spotty. I really didn't watch much television. If I did it was usually to watch the Lakers or Dodgers play, or to catch a movie on my VCR.

Occasionally my girlfriend and I would watch this new show called ER. It wasn't bad and over time I found myself drawn to it. I don't think that I have seen every episode. I know that there have been periods of time where I wasn't into it and I either missed the shows or barely paid attention to it.

So I find myself feeling a bit surprised to say that I am kind of sad to see it go. Not totally sure why. Perhaps because it seems a bit like a bridge between now and that time when I had no responsibilities.

When they got it right they really did it well. There were some stories that really captured my attention.

The series finale was good. It was strong. Didn't go out on some sort of wacky tangent. Didn't find myself shaking my head like I did for Life on Mars or Battlestar Galatica.

They didn't tie up every loose end and I appreciate that. Life doesn't always work out exactly as we plan. I really appreciated the ending of the finale because it felt honest.

Goodbye ER, I think that I just might miss you.


shavuatov said...

Thank you for not giving it away. Here in the Uk we are actually on the last series, but not at the end yet.

I think I'll miss it too....


Soccer Dad said...

I really stopped following it years ago. It jumped the shark way too many times for my taste. (Romano gets his arm chopped off by a helicopter and later gets crushed by one. Come on.) And the newer characters weren't anywhere as interesting as the originals. From what I saw of the finale, they did a good job though. But the retrospective, I think, showed how much the show was missing in recent years.